DIESEL LIVING is a subsidiary of Italian premium casual world-fashion brand, favored by many millenials with its wild and luxurious theme. Its rock and playful, yet mature design and flawless quality collects world-wide attention.


Committed to a particular lifestyle

Fido produced DIESEL LIVING LAB at DIESEL SHIBUYA, embracing "Japan" as the main theme. It is responsible for researching the creation of high-value dwelling space which leads to a new demand of a more successful living experience. In pursuit of "evolving daily life," the lab is vigilant to the customers' voice and changing times.


Designer at the forefront, Naoyoshi Taniyama

In Miruna Hills-D series, we united traditional Japanese culture such as pottery, fabric weaving, and tatami, with the character of DIESEL LIVING to present a never-seen-before living space for those who are fastidious about their lifestyle. We wish the Fido-DIESEL LIVING partnership will break all stereotypes of the past with regards to mansion living and become an opportunity to start life anew.


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