Thank you for your regular concern and regard for Fido Inc.

We established in 2007 at Yokohama, Kanagawa as a firm engaged in the field of cosmetics. When the 2011 Tohoku disaster struck, I went to the aftermath single-mindedly, thinking about what I could do to help. As I was helping those who lost their homes, the following feeling grew stronger and stronger - I want to produce homes where people can return to and feel truly at ease. It was an entirely unknown territory to me, but with trustworthy partners, made the transition to real estate in 2012.

It is no exaggeration when I say I was ill-informed of the real estate industry when we started. Instead of competing with the pre-existing market, I believed in my own theory of creating new demands and values through hard work and creativity.

Our first step was thorough market research, after which we predicted declining marriage and birth rates upon observing changing lifestyles. In particular, we found room for cultivation in the changing lifestyle of those aged around 30, who had originally no interest in mansion purchase at all. At the same time, we obtained the idea to gain immediate publicity and trust through collaboration with brands known to all generations.

In the process of planning the project, and until we executed our plans, we started to hear our customers’ friendly feedback. “The image of renting a mansion has changed for me.” “That is a mansion I would like to purchase.” Such voices gave us the confidence to continue down this path. Recently, we have been claiming to be the pioneer of providing new lifestyle with creativity, and thus call ourselves the one and only “Concept Branding Developer.”

Providing each and every customer a living opportunity with maximal welfare. Providing physical and spiritual welfare to our own employees who empathize with our principle. Fido will continue our pursuit of becoming a company truly needed by the society. We will not forget the sense of gratitude and humility as we challenge and innovate in creating a market that is yet to be seen.

To every individual Fido comes across, I wish you a distinct BUILD YOURSELF.

CEO Kenji Nakamura


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