Concept BrandingDeveloper

Through concept planning and meticulous branding, our offer of unprecedented values to the estate and residential space establishes new markets and needs. Such is the one and only "Concept Branding Developer" we aim to be.


Maximizing your livelihood and satisfying your lifestyle.

At Fido, we are devoted to improving your quality of living by means of compact mansion development and retail. We wish to grow by combining both planning and executing ability with the mindset of having a fresh point of view


Facing straight ahead with 4 pledges at heart.

Philosophy, mission, vision, value. The 4 brand messages that support Fido stems from our appreciation to everyone. Turning this energy to pursuing the intrinsic welfare of humans in a society is our way of repaying our gratitude as well as contributing back to society.


A lifestyle of growth by working.

At Fido, we believe it is our duty to enrich you both physically and spiritually. We are awaiting you, who wish to simultaneously through work, grow as a person and make the person in front of you delighted.


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