Mansion task force

From famous and practical brand-collection mansions "EXULX" and "C's Collection", to asset building mansion fitted for investment, we ofer the mose suitable product for our customers.

Renovation task force

Fido's renovation task force is charged of reviving a mansion to absolute attractiveness with its plentiful experience and sense of beauty. We promise ease of living in terms of design, inclusion of new technology, value, etc. and other characteristics you wouldn't find elsewhere. Represent yourself cia Fido's renovation mansion.

Construction task force

From large scale construction to artistic renovation, Fido's architectural task force promises the utmost quality in any construction operation. Centered at Tokyo, we offer heartful living at a heartful price. An original plan designed around specific needs and purpose is also possible.

Car-sharing task force

The new lifestyle surrounding cars is not of owning but of driving when you need or want. At Fido's certain properties, tenants may enjoy a better quality of living by driving porsche cia our subscription based car sharing.

Optional retail task force

For those starting a fresh new chapter of life, we offer optional purchases starting with furnitures and home appliances. We only profit from our retail of condominiums. Thus, we made possible a special price for our optional purchases, completely disregarding personal interest.

Building management task force

To provide everlasting peace of mind for customers of Miruna Hills series, Fido Community Co. is respoonsible for supporting the home owners association in various mansion management duties including paperwork, facility management, and long-term/large-scale repairment.

Advertisement task force

F Enterprise Co. is one member of our corporate group, focused in advertisement, event management, and branding. The consulting team can provide the most suitable solution to your advertisement needs.


Fido Partners Concierge is a partner-searching service, in collaboration with Japan Marriage Consultation Federation, the largest of its kind by membership count. Customers purchasing Fido's properties may search for a trustworthy future partner reliably at a discounted fee.


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