Business Concept

According to our research, the percentage of young professionals around 30 years old who own a car is a mere 1.5% whereas the percentage of owning a driver's license is 90%. We conclude it is a time not of owning, but of using only when necessary. Therefore we imagined it would serve the interest of our residents the bset if there exists a mansion with car sharing options.

Subscription Car-Sharing

Subscription is the use of various services at a fixed price, paid periodically. Customers living in Fido's certain mansions have the choice of subscribing to our luxury car-sharing service and ride luxurious cars such as porsche.

Service Details

As simple as reserving your luxury car online and stepping on the pedals. Credit card payment is available in the seamless process of booking, returning, and payment. This special service will allow you to treat high-end cars as your own property.

Features of our service

  • 1. Signup and other fees

    No signup fee, ¥23100 monthly fee car share service.
    Ride the Porsche Macan for a maximum of 20hrs per month
  • 2. Same-day access

    Upload your driver's license
    for same-day identity validation
  • 3. Access and returning

    An exclusive staff will be in charge
    at time of returnment
  • 4. 24-hour service

    Drive whenever you want regardless of time
  • 5. Driving lecture

    Lecture to let you drive
    at will even if it's your first porsche
  • 6. Relieving compensatory system

    In the unlikely event of trouble,
    a limitless insurance will cover all fees and any responsibility


For customers interested in our products, corportaions interested in our presentation/collaboration,
and media, please use the enquiry form to contact us. Our staff will reply shortly after.