Private Information Protection Policy

  • Enactment: 2013 Jul 1
  • Fido Inc.
  • CEO Kenji Nakamura

Fido is well aware of the societal expectation with regards to the use of private information; we promise the protection of individual rights and compliance to all laws and regulations. To achieve the policies that will be listed below, we will install the newest IT infrastructures for information management. I hereby declare for Fido to work as one in staying conscient to the society's changing demands on information treatment as well as changing management environment.

  1. Private customer (external) information will only be used for the purpose of real estate dealing and brokerage. Other (internal) private informations will be used solely for the purpose of appropriate HR management such as employee recruitment. Proper guidance is installed such that no misuse of any information is possible.
  2. In terms of private information protection, we will follow all laws, guiding principles set by the government, and all other code of conducts.
  3. Against the risk of information leakage, damage, or deletion, we will invest heavily in proper safety measures as we continue to improve the security system.
  4. We will promptly and sincerely clarify any complaints or questions from our clients.
  5. Our private information management system will be upgraded regularly as the environment surrounding Fido changes.

In order for our policy to be known to all employees and parties involved in our operation, we will publicize it on our homepage, brochures and panflets so that all can gain access easily.

【Inquiry Information】

Accepting inquiries regarding our private information policy.

BPR Place Kamiyachou 8F, 1-11-9 Azabudai, Minato Dist., Tokyo, Postal Code: 106-0041

Fido Inc. Management Dept. Private Information Inquiry Window

メemail address:

Phone: 03-5545-8666 (9AM ~ 6PM)

Enquiries on Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, Year-End, and Golden-Week will be returned the following business day.

Treatment of Individual Information

Purpose of Fido's use of private information

  1. For Information directly obtained from customers via paper document (including homepage forum and email questionnaire), we will indicate beforehand the purpose of the information.
  2. We will follow all laws, guiding principles set by the government, and all other code of conducts.
  3. Other purposes
Category Purpose of use
Customer information obtained when customers enquire about our service To adequately perform any services agreed between our customers and us

Notice about information disclosure and control

Please see the following for control of disclosed information. “Controls” may be requested by the individual identified by the information or an entrusted representative, and include: setting of notification and disclosure, modification and deletion of information, halting of service, and request to not provide personal information to a third party.

  1. Business entity Fido Inc.
  2. Manager of private information Role: Private information protector and manager Affiliated Post: Fido Inc. Management department Phone: 03-5545-8666
  3. Purpose of use for all disclosed information
    Category Purpose of use
    • Customer information (users etc.)
    • Survey/Questionnaire obtained information
    • Information obtained during application.
    • Contract information
    • Past enquiries
    • For user support.
    • For service usage history management.
    • For introducing Fido services.
    • For use in real estate contracts
    • For responding to customer enquiries.
    Fido employee information For employees' work, time, health, and security management
    Recruitment information For communication with the applicant and other HR operations
  4. Enquiries for all disclosed information. BPR Place Kamiyachou 8F, 1-11-9 Azabudai, Minato Dist., Tokyo, Postal Code: 106-0041 Fido Inc. Private Information Enquiries Window. Phone: 03-5545-8666.

  5. JIPDEC( Japan information and processing development center). Currently we are not affiliated with JIPDEC.

  6. Disclosure request process for private information

【1】 Connection channel for disclosure and other controls requests.

Please see the above enquiries window

【2】 Process for disclosure and other controls request.

  1. After receiving request for information modification, we will send by post the forms for modification.
  2. Please fill out the form and return it by postal service. If a trusted representative is filling out instead, please also include documents to prove the validity of proxy. For request to disclosure, please include the fee as well.
  3. After we receive the filled out forms, we will contact again for authorization and ask 2 questions related to your information such as birthday and phone number.
  4. Finally, please answer the aforementioned question by sending the reply via post.

【3】 Documental proof for entrusted representative.

If the person asking for disclosure is an entrusted representative, please include proof that you have been entrusted and document about yourself. For each document, please indicate only the prefecture and remove the finer locational information by blacking it out.

  1. Proof that you are entrusted.

    Original copy of proxy, written by the person who wishes to modify information.

    <If the entrusted individual is not of legal age>

    one of the following :

    • transcript of the family register.
    • resident card (with relative relationship indicated).
    • other public document indicating proof of the authority of statutory representation.
    <if the entrusted individual is an adult ward>

    one of the following

    • Proof of guardianship
    • Other public document indicating proof of the authority of statutory representation.
  2. Proof of entrusted individual.
    • Driver's license
    • Passport
    • Proof of insurance
    • Resident card

【4】fee for disclosure is 1000yen.

Please include the fee in the return post.

Privacy mark acquirement.

Fido Inc. has received the privacy mark on 2014 January upon consideration of our efforts to improve privacy. A high
evaluation was given to employee training and compliance enhancement.


For customers interested in our products, corportaions interested in our presentation/collaboration,
and media, please use the enquiry form to contact us. Our staff will reply shortly after.